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RavensBlight, an odd town in the dark digital woods

There are digital gardens and there are digital towns, this is one of the latter. Welcome to the RavensBlight.

This dark and spooky town is founded and built from the ground up by one man — Ray O’Bannon — and it is not a small one. RavensBlight can boast with a pretty big library full of horror stories, an Arcade with video games, a paper toys shop, its art gallery hosts more than 300 images, there is a music studio, and even a cinema! Are you ready for some horror shorts?

The site was started back in 2004 and it is still being updated from time to time. This is a solid age for a digital town.

Despite being pretty graphics heavy and even using an animated GIF in the header, RavensBlight only loads a tad over half a megabyte of data for its homepage. Its clean HTML makes it work on any modern device with no issues.

The website has quite extensive link list worth exploring. Here is one example that has caught my eye: The gallery of monster toys.

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