Random snapshots of the year 2014

Bulgaria blvd., Sofia
Bulgaria blvd. in Sofia.
Strelbishte residential district
Strelbishte residential district, Sofia.
Vitosha mountain
Vitosha mountain.
A pile of brooms
Broken trams at the Bulgaria blvd.
Broken trams at the Bulgaria blvd.
Milin Kamak st.
Milin Kamak street.
Graf Ignatiev st.
Graf Ignatiev street.
Vitosha blvd.
Pedestrian part of the Vitosha blvd.
City garden
In the city garden.
WoW ad
WoW: Mysts of Pandaria ad on the wall of a mall.
Arena Armeéc
View from the ramp of the Arena Armeéc hall.
A square infront of the National Palace of Culture.
25 years of Free Bulgaria exhibit
From the “25 years of Free Bulgaria” exhibit. The sign says: “For ecologically clean state: without red trash”.
October 2014 snowstorm
Aftermath of the snowstorm in October 2014.
The old willow next to St. Nedelya church
The old willow next to the St. Nedelya church in Sofia.
Henrik Ibsen st.
Hladilnika residential district.
South park
Christmas day in the South park.
garbage bins
The holidays are over...
St. Petka church
St. Petka church in Sofia.
Boyanska river
Boyanska river.