Ruse, Bulgaria

Ruse, Rousse, Russé, Русе even — so many spellings for such a small city, but it isn't the biggest deal about it, nor it is the thing that makes it unique.

Well, most of Bulgarian cities are each quite unique on their own, but Ruse just seems to be the least similar to others. May be it is the proximity to the border, maybe a unique history, but Ruse is full of very special charm you won't find anywhere else in Bulgaria.

Is is also very green and very walk-able city with plenty of spacious parks to hide from the Summer heatwaves in, and of course the Danube embankment.

overpath on the Danube's embankment
The port of Ruse
The port of Ruse, Bulgaria's largest river port.
In the old town
TV tower of Ruse
TV tower of Ruse
The Liberty monument
The Liberty monument.
Dohodno zdanie
Dohodno zdanie, one of the city's landmarks.
Palace of Justice
Palace of Justice.
Pantheon of National Revival Heroes
Pantheon of National Revival Heroes.
Palace of culture
Danube river
Danube river
In the city park