Petrich and Belasitza natural reserve

Petrich is a small city in the southern Bulgaria, not far from the main road from Thessaloniki in Greece to the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Right at the edge of the city you can easily find the trail into the Belasitza natural reserve which covers almost all Bulgarian part of the Belasitza (Κερκίνη) mountain.

The city of Petrich
The view at the city of Petrich from the Belasitza mountain foothills.
Beehives in the park
Beehives in the park.
Belasitza eco trail
On the trail.
Belasitza eco trail
Leshnishki (Hazelnut) waterfall
Leshnishki (Hazelnut) waterfall deep in the woods.
Leshnishki (Hazelnut) waterfall
Leshnishki (Hazelnut) waterfall
The waterfall is 6-7 meters tall.
Berries in the woods
Petrich townhall
Petrich townhall.