Vidin and the Baba Vida castle

The most important city of Bulgaria's North-Western region.

Baba Vida castle.
The castle.
Growth in the castle's stone wall.
The castle wall.
Baba Vida castle
Baba Vida castle
The floodwall.
City's floodwall.
Kayakers on the Danube river
Vidin rowing base
Old rowing base building.
Felled trees at the bank.
Overgrown road.
Danubian dawn.
Danube river minutes before the sunrise.
Sunrise over the Danube.
The sun rises over the Danube.
Baba Vida castle at down.
The castles bridge.
Vidins synagogue entrance.
The entrance to the Vidin's synagogue. A sign on the wall says “No tresspassing”.
Vidins synagogue.
Vidin's synagogue.
City gates
One of the old town gates — Enachar kapia.
A street in Kaleto.
A street in the Kaleto district — Vidin's old town.
A small church.
Danube's embankment.
The metal bike path at the Danube's embankment can act as a temporary floodwall.
One of the castle's towers.
One of the castle's towers.
The castle's courtyard.
The castle's courtyard.
In the castle.