Karlovo, Plovdiv province, Bulgaria

Karlovo is all about Vasil Levski — famous Bulgarian revolu­tionary and freedom fighter. Monu­ments, museums, memorable plaques on the many houses in the old town… It is alone worth the visit, but Karlovo (like many other places at the Southern foot­hills of the Balkan moun­tains) is also about the natural reserves, breath­taking scenery and mountain trails. There are so many of them here Karlovo (and the neigh­boring town of Sopot) will be the perfect weekend desti­nation for years ahead.

Karlovo railway station
Central railway station Karlovo.
A small pine tree is clinging to the bare rocks
River pebbles under the crystal clear water
The stream
Rocks on the slope
Rocks on the slope
Stara reka river
Stara reka river.
Stara reka river
A small watefall
Karlovo and vicinities
Karlovo and vicinities. View from the nearby mountain.
A mountain slope
Bank building at the Karlovo city center
“Fraternity with everyone regardless of religion and nationality.” — Vasil Levski
Karlovo city center
A building in the city center
Vodopad street