Pernik, Bulgaria

Pernik is a small city roughly 20 kilometers away from Sofia, just behind the Lyulin mountain. Some people consider Pernik to be a part of the Sofia metropolitan area.

Pernik’s inhabitants, however, are proud of their home city’s millennia old heritage and the glorious history.

Pernik is the home of the famous war chief Krakra who, in the year 1004, won a decisive victory over the vastly more numerous army of the Byzantine emperor Basil II.

Pernik’s main square
City's central square.
Pernik’s city club
Pernik's city club: Palace of Culture.
Struma river
Struma river.
Outskirts of the city.
Outskirts of the city.
The view from the ramparts
The view from the ramparts.
Vitosha mountain.
Pernik view
The Pernik fortress
The Pernik fortress.
Inside the fortress
In the fortress...