Random snapshots of the year 2020

Stefan Stambolov monument in the Crystal garden in Sofia
Stefan Stambolov monument in the Crystal garden in Sofia.
Bulgarian Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty indulges in consumerism in a random backyard in Sofia.
“Stay home, be responsible, be hygienic.”
National Assembly building and the Black peak
National Assembly building (left) with the Black peak in the background.
Summer protests
The crossroads in front of the Sofia University blocked during the Summer protests.
Summer protests
Summer protests
Iconic Eagles' bridge and a part of the Tsarigradsko highway blocked during the Summer protests in Sofia.
Summer protests
Hristo i Evlogi Georgievi blvd.
Hristo i Evlogi Georgievi blvd.
fruit and veg shop
One small fruit and veg shop on Rakovski street in Sofia is growing tomatoes in the city tree planter.
Reduta district
In the Reduta residential district.
public library
Public library in the Geo Milev district of the capital.
Aviation square
Aviation square.
St. Nedelya square
St. Nedelya square.
Bulgaria blvd.
Bulgaria blvd.
Sveta Troitza r.d.
Sveta Troitza residential district.
Suhata reka residential district
Suhata reka residential district.
Vladayska river
Cleaning up of the Vladayska river bed.
Social distancing at the pet shop
Social distancing at the pet shop.
River festival
River festival in the bed of the Vladayska river next to the Lions' bridge.
Meawseum keeper
Meawseum keeper of the open air exhibition next to the Mineral Baths in Sofia.
BVB tram
BVB tram in Banishora district.
Oborishte district
Oborishte district.
ul. Vrabcha
ul. Vrabcha
Protest in front of the National Assembly building on the Independence square (Largoto): “Don't touch the Constitution!”
exposition in the underpath
A low-tech exhibition in the underpath of the Central Railway Station in Sofia.