знак Казанлък
Великденско хоро на площад Севтополис
Великденско хоро на площад Севтополис.
Lions-headed drinking fountain on the main square of the city
Lions' fountain at the Seuthopolis square.
Blooming fruit trees lining a narrow street
A small street in the city.
Apartment blocks along the central street
Abayata neighborhood.
Electric city bus
Electric city bus in Kazanlak.
A central street in Kazanlak
Rose Valley street.
One of the central streets in Kazanlak
Rose Valley street, next to the city hall.
Tipical residential housing in Kazanlak
Remains of the ancient Thracian tomb
Thracian tomb.
Entrance to the city park
Entrance to the city park.
Balkan mountains
The view on the Balkan mountains.


Alexander II monument
Alexander II monument.
Old guns pointing towards Buzludzha peak
Old guns pointing towards Buzludzha peak.
Shipka monument
Shipka monument.
Shipka monument
Old guns pointing towards the Dzhendema
A flag pole and a gun infront of the Shipka monument
A scenic view from the mountain top
A brook in the mountains