My name is Vitalii Kovalenko.

I live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am a specialist in online retail, a system administrator, a web developer, and a writer. This year (2021) will mark a quarter-century of my experience in building and running commercial websites. I love learning new things and apply them to create new projects or automate my current tasks. My tools of choice are WordPress + WooCommerce, PHP, Python, MariaDB, and SQLite.

My own project is Scribe Market — a successful online store for fine writing instru­ments, accesso­ries, and supplies. I built it from scratch: registered a business, found the best European suppliers, created a modern and feature–rich website, set up ware­house and packing station, worked out all the intri­cacies and contin­gencies of shipping inter­nationally. I have sold my products to the customers in 90 different countries on all inhabited continents. Many of them returned for more.

You can find my English language blog at VitaliiKovalenko.com where I mostly cover tech-related topics quite irregularly.

Blue Links is my fun project where I try to recreate in spirit one of the internet review sites of the 90's.

I am fluent in English, Bulgarian, and Russian. Learning Spanish. You can contact me via email v@vk7.eu.

Below you can find some photos I took recently: